Group Seven Company Profile

From the President

Group Seven has been serving the material and planning needs of companies nationwide for over 28 years. Group Seven was founded in Santa Clara in 1984 and has grown and changed with Silicon Valley. Originally started as a kitting house, Group Seven now offers a full range of services including kitting to support our assembly partners, full turnkey manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping services in support of our OEM partners.

As Group Seven’s President, I have had over an 18 year relationship with the company, initially partnering with Group Seven as a customer and then purchasing the company in 2003. My staff has longevity with the company ranging from 15 years, with the most recent hire being with the company for over two years now.

We use Expandable Software as our MRP system. It is extremely flexible, allowing us to create “virtual warehouses” for each of our customers. As your needs change, a MRP can be run against your “warehouse” allowing us to respond quickly to those changes. We create custom reports to meet our customers’ requests and requirements.

The senior management at Group Seven has had a wide range of experience, both on the OEM side and on the Contract Manufacturing side of the table. We are experts at supporting mid-to-low volume “high mix” requirements. We can support legacy products long past their prime with our extensive supplier network. We work with both onshore and offshore suppliers to develop the best cost solution for your company.

We understand that every one of our customers’ needs and requirements are different and we look to establish a business process that fits the way your company wants to do business. Our philosophy is open-minded and we are dedicated to finding solutions that meet the uniqueness of your business.

I will look forward to discussing your project and requirements with you, and am confident Group Seven can become a competitive and long term supply chain partner for your company.

Jerry O’Connor
President, Group Seven

Over 35 years of outstanding manufacturing and materials services