Kitting Services: CMs & OEMs

Trusted Partner for CMs and OEMs

We partner with contract manufacturers (CMs) who understand the value and overhead savings of outsourcing materials management to our experienced team. This enables them to devote their resources to their core competency of assembling and testing products and maintaining maximum inventory turns. This business model is equally effective for both high mix/low-to-mid volume business, which has unique materials management issues, and for higher volume production runs. We pay attention to all the details to ensure our delivery commitments.

We also partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) currently consigning inventory to a contract manufacturer. This partnership allows you to maintain control over your materials supply chain using Group Seven as an important resource to control your costs and leverage for maximum inventory turns. Let Group Seven focus on your inventory management while you concentrate on your core business.

Efficient systems and broad experience allow Group Seven to enjoy mutually-profitable business relationships with our partners.