Materials & Finished Goods

Sourcing and Fabricated Parts Experts

Group Seven has developed long-term relationships with reliable regional, national and international manufacturers of electronic components and key fabricated parts, including printed circuit boards, metal housings, heatsinks, injection molded and thermoformed plastic parts.

Our established relationships and volume purchasing discounts with all of the major distribution partners will save you time and money. We ensure the appropriate engineering and quality reviews are made so that parts are delivered to your specifications and on time. By mutually developing your supply chain, we can minimize delays and tooling costs. Group Seven’s purchasing leverage and industry discounts can make a significant difference in your product costs.

We source end-of-life, obsolete, and allocated components through our relationships with reputable parts brokers and excess inventory liquidators. We take a proactive approach to these types of components and will help you manage long lead-time material with scheduled orders. Let us review your problem items and together, we can develop cost-saving options.

In Our Warehouse

Inventory and finished goods are segregated by customer and stored in our secure climate and ESD-controlled warehouse.

Group Seven uses a state-of-the-art ERP System to manage purchased and consigned inventory. We have experience working with our customers using Kanban, Vendor Managed Inventory and Safety Stock Programs.

Over 35 years of outstanding manufacturing and materials services