Program Management

Leave the management details to us

When you contract with Group Seven, we carefully review your requirements and then assign an experienced program manager to your account. Our program management model is what sets us apart from the competition. Your program manager is dedicated to the success of your product throughout the entire product life cycle - from initial quote to finished product. Your program manager will be your go‑to source of information for any questions or concerns related to your products.

If you have questions, one call to your program manager will allow you to discuss changes to your Bill of Materials, expedite delivery, or simply find out the status of your product in the assembly process. Productive communication between our program managers and our customers is paramount to our success.

Your program manager will work directly with the materials manager, buyers and production managers to ensure that all materials are primed and ready to start production on-time. Your program manager will work proactively, minimizing any potential problems and eliminating surprises. They will make you aware of long lead time items, cost and status of engineering changes, and any other issues that affect your product.

Our goal is to manage all the details to make your job easier.

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