Supply Chain Development Services

Group Seven takes pride in the supply chain relationships that we have developed with the major electronic component suppliers, domestic and offshore. Our buyers secure volume and discount pricing and we pass those savings directly to our customers. For those customers providing a forecast, our buyers are able to obtain better pricing and provide Just-In-Time delivery of components. We work closely with our customers to improve their supply chains so that we can help them to reduce costs. For companies just bringing a new product to market, we can develop a cost-effective and efficient supply chain.

Group Seven utilizes a sophisticated state-of-the-art ERP (MRP) system from Expandable Software™. Our customers’ schedules and forecasts are entered into our system, which plans part requirements down to the component level in order to meet the end item delivery requirements. Inventory is purchased, scheduled, and warehoused to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Inventory is stored in our climate and ESD-controlled warehouse and segregated by customer. Our manufacturing system adds value in many ways. For example, it tracks component lead times and allows us to provide you with quick “What if?” answers to your end-product expedited delivery demands.

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