Turnkey Product Manufacturing: About

Complete Purchasing-Production-Logistics Solutions for your Material or Assembly Needs

Turnkey Service: Customized to Meet Your Needs

Group Seven’s turnkey service seamlessly integrates materials procurement, supply chain management, and assembly in one professionally-managed process. A full turnkey contract manufacturing solution allows you to take advantage of Group Seven’s purchasing and materials expertise, our established supply chain and our volume purchasing power. All it takes is one purchase order from you and we will take it from there to deliver to you a finished product.

If a full turnkey experience isn’t quite right for you, we can also work with you on a full or partial consignment contract manufacturing solution. You can consign components to us and we can get your product built and shipped.

Group Seven is here to make your job easier and we would be happy to discuss the various options there are to getting your product made. We listen carefully to your needs and recommendations and will make suggestions of our own based on our extensive knowledge that comes with over 28 years in the electronics manufacturing industry. Together, we’ll reach an optimum development mix that results in the best possible turnkey prototype or production build for you.